Modern Peace Company product and service portfolio has continuously evolved. By remaining totally focused on the communications industry, we have always been in touch with the changing needs of the market. This has led to a product / service mix, unique in its scope and depth. Customers approach us for a single element of our offering and increasingly for complete custom packages.

As network operators continue to invest in the latest technologies in order to deliver new services to their customers, they require partners who can offer first class engineering services and understand a multitude of OEM technologies. Many carriers have realised that building networks is not their core business and want to concentrate their resources on delivering services. Delivering end-to-end network build and roll-out solutions is Modern Peace Company’s core business, and many have discovered how we can seamlessly add value to their organisation

Modern Peace Company’s range of managed services is designed to compliment our product and operational services offerings. Managed services aim to help our customers cut costs by streamlining areas of their business which are not usually considered core. Modern Peace Company has identified a number of these areas and has established specialised services to improve efficiencies and provide cost savings – for example: materials management, logistics, outsourcing, warehousing, spares and surplus stock disposal.