Fiber Optic Communication


iber Optic (or optical fibre) is a flexible, transparent fiber made of glass (silica) or plastic, slightly thicker than a human hair. It functions as a waveguide, or “light pipe”, to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber. The field of applied science and engineering concerned with the design and application of optical fibers is known as fiber optics.

Optical fibers are widely used in fiber-optic communications, which permits transmission over longer distances and at higher bandwidths (data rates) than other forms of communication.

Fibers are used instead of metal wires because signals travel along them with less loss and are also immune to electromagnetic interference.

Due to the broadband needs of today’s communication fiber optic solutions are implemented more and more into mobile and fixed line networks.


odern Peace Company offers the leading fiber optic and hybrid systems for LTE  (remote radio installations) but also newly developed products for Fiber in the Home (FITH) applications, fiber management systems for Data centers and a huge portfolio for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks. Besides these applications fiber optic also supports control and data transmission in the industrial automation, transportation as well as in energy generation and distribution (Smart grid, wind energy).